Fractional CFO Services

When You Need A CFO Only A Fraction Of The Time

When You Don’t Have the Time To Manage Your company’s Money

Need A Part-time or Interim CFO? We’ve Got You Covered

A Fractional CFO isn’t new math. It’s a simple way of describing a part-time CFO that works for your company. Any employee or contract worker that works less than full time is considered a “fractional” employee.

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Why Use A Fractional CFO?

As small to mid-sized business owners, we often wear many hats. Everyone knows that the duties of a CFO are vital to the financial health and well-being of the organization. But, there are times when one person simply isn’t enough. That’s where an outsourced CFO can come in handy.

Here are some examples of where a contractor CFO can help:

  • During busy seasons
  • During tax time
  • For big “events” in your industry
  • At audit or review times
  • During new products, new divisions or integrating new software

There can be a wide variety of reasons having additional help with managing the CFO duties can be useful.


When Is The Right Time To Use A Part-Time CFO?

Most companies that call us for these services do so when they are experiencing the type of growth where they need someone with specific expertise but they aren’t quite ready yet to hire a full-time employee. The idea of a fractional CFO can actually save the company money since they are typically paid by the hours the person puts in and not any benefits. More often than not, a fractional CFO works remotely although there may be some need for on-site services.

Finding CFO Services

Whenever you are looking for someone to help you with your business financials, it’s essential that you find someone with experience that you can trust.Books, Taxes & More has the experience you need to handle significant events in the firm’s financial life.

We can help you with your extra CFO duties to move your business forward. There’s never a need to slow down your growth. We can help. Call us and let’s talk about how we can help you today.

Specific Ways A Fractional CFO Can Help

Here are some important times to us a fractional CFO:

  • Restructuring: There are times when it’s clear that the accounting department of your company needs to be restructured. This could be for a variety of reasons- a departure, new software implementation, new accounting processes, etc. When you bring in an experienced fractional CFO, you get to utilized that person’s experience and knowledge for the benefit of your company.
  • Reporting: It’s just a fact that if you don’t know your company’s financials, it’s difficult to grow. That’s why an outsourced CFO can come in and help you identify your reporting needs. We can help you better understand the financial health of your organization.
  • Consulting: We’ve been contacted to help the existing financial team learn more about specific accounting software or reporting features. Because it can be a difficult situation politically, we’ve even been brought in to help the CEO better understand the financials of the company. We can help business owners better understand the “stories” behind the numbers and eventually learn to interpret these stories themselves.
  • New Software/Hardware Implementation: Change is hard for an organization. That’s why it’s often helpful to have an outsider come in and assist with the transitional periods. Not only can that fractional CFO lend his or her experience to the process, but he or she can also be able to provide a fresh perspective on potential problems in the future.
  • Navigating a Crisis: Just as individuals run into problems with their finances, companies can get into trouble as well. That’s why it’s helpful to have an experienced outsider provide a fresh set of eyes on the problem- to help drive the leadership toward effective solutions. A part-time CFO can assist with putting checks and balances in place to help avoid future problems as well.
  • Dealing With Tricky Business Relationships: There are times with people within an organization that a third party can be of incredible assistance- especially when dealing with financial matters. An experienced outsourced CFO can help negotiate difficult issues with objectivity and without bias.
  • Assisting With Raising Capital: A part-time CFO can help you create a plan for raising more capital. Raising money requires an effective strategy and and experienced fractional CFO can help your financial department create a plan that’s helpful in your industry.

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